The Song of Illegal Workers (Lagu Para Pekerja Ilegal)

Title: The Song of Illegal Workers (Lagu Para Pekerja Ilegal).
Creator: Aceng Laki-Laki, Agil Purnama, Arief New, Ayah Moza, Cef Agan,
Duds Degs Sugiarman, Isnan Compax, Iweng Mokpey, Kasan Cjr, Ruhiat Jaru, Sarah Kusuma. The Brother.
Year: 2011
Duration: 4’40”
Category: Parody.
Sub Category: Labors, Daily Life.

Indo K-work TV.

Liputan khusus tentang K-work band, sebuah kelompok musik yang beranggotakan lima pekerja Indonesia. Bermusik adalah cara mengisi waktu luang dan menyuarakan pengalaman personal, seperti yang terdapat dalam single mereka yang berjudul Swasis / Swasta Takut Polis.

Special report about K-work band, a music group initiated by five Indonesian migrant workers. Playing music is the right way to spend leisure time and express personal experience, as could be heard in their single entitled Swasis / Swasta Takut Polis (Illegal workers are afraid of polices).

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